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Open Rails v1.2 is coming soon

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Open Rails v1.2 is coming soon Empty Open Rails v1.2 is coming soon

Post  cjakeman Sun 18 Dec 2016, 10:18 pm

Here's a pre-announcement to let you know that v1.2 of Open Rails will be released very soon.

No more features will be added to this version and the Project Team are just finishing the release details.

Expect an announcement soon.

Chris Jakeman
Open Rails Management Team


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Open Rails v1.2 is coming soon Empty Re: Open Rails v1.2 is coming soon

Post  cjakeman Mon 23 Jan 2017, 8:13 pm

Open Rails 1.2 has now been released!

Release Notes:

    Working turntables added (see a video)
    Semaphore signal arm position compatibility improved
    Mileposts in track monitor added
    Diverging switches in track monitor added
    Braking friction and wheel skid added
    Tonnage/Load information in HUD added
    Time of day waiting points improved
    Car ID in car operations window added
    Delay time of night cab textures added
    Tilting trains and super-elevation improved
    Driver-controlled circuit breaker added
    Tracking cameras (#2 and #3) improved
    Multiple car spawner lists added
    Include files for tsection.dat added
    Loading screen for routes improved
    Shape warnings disabled by default

    Transfer edges have been improved
    Logging for missing textures added
    Fuel pickup sounds improved
    Saving and restoring reliability improved
    Signal script compatibility improved
    Combined cab control compatibility improved
    Cab controls' frame compatibility improved
    Compatibility with certain shapes improved
    Double reverse points compatibility improved
    Dynamic track compatibility improved
    Un-braked consists compatibility improved

    Road car shadows added
    CentreOfGravity positioning of wagons added
    Sound frequency calculations improved
    Visibility of signals in track monitor improved
    Level crossing activation improved
    Track sounds calculations improved
    Passenger view animation speed improved
    Fuel pickup animation speed improved
    Introductory train rides appear in menu

Important notes:
    Open Rails develops features and bug fixes in public at
    Open Rails is distributed under the GNU GPL v3 free software license


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