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MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 19 (An alternative approach to re-installing MSTS)

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MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 19 (An alternative approach to re-installing MSTS) Empty MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 19 (An alternative approach to re-installing MSTS)

Post  rufuskins Wed 03 Apr 2013, 9:27 am

This is another part in the series of posts that are meant to point people to the various accessories/links considered vital to maximising the performance of MSTS.

This part looks at an alternative approach to re-installing MSTS, and includes links for possible download utilities.

This will work in XP, Vista and Windows 7. It doesn’t actually constitute a re-install of MSTS, but merely returns the system to an earlier date as described below.

“How many times have we seen a reference to somebody re-installing MSTS after some sort of serious system “hiccup”!

Yes indeed; more times than we care to remember! In my own experience it sometimes feels like a game of “snakes and ladders”!

But the question is, do we really need to go back to square one every time with respect to MSTS, or is there an alternative?

The answer is YES!

"One possibility next time something like this happens is to try a “System Restore” as suggested by one of our members, Mickrik. I have done this myself on at least one occasion, so can vouch for it as a viable alternative.

The recommended procedure is as follows:-

1. Turn off your machine
2. Reboot in “Safe Mode”
3. Go to “System Restore”
4. Go back to a “Restore Point” – date related - when you believe that everything was OK. (It should be noted that this should not alter any of your data files!)
5. Press “Restore”
6. After “whirring, etc.” for some time it should say job done, or something similar
7. Run a thorough virus scan
8. Run a “cleaning” utility such as glarysoft or ccleaner.

This should avoid having to re-install everything MSTS from scratch.”

Please note the following:-

System Restore helps you restore your computer's system files to an earlier point in time. It's a way to undo system changes to your computer without affecting your personal files, such as e mail, documents, or photos.
Sometimes, the installation of a program or a driver can cause an unexpected change to your computer or cause Windows to behave unpredictably. Usually, uninstalling the program or driver corrects the problem. If uninstalling does not fix the problem, you can try restoring your computer's system to an earlier date when everything worked correctly.
System Restore uses a feature called System Protection to regularly create and save restore points on your computer. These restore points contain information about registry settings and other system information that Windows uses. You can also create restore points manually.
System Restore is not intended for backing up personal files, so it cannot help you recover a personal file that has been deleted or damaged. You should regularly back up your personal files and important data using a backup program.

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