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Zurich to Basel to Bern

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Zurich to Basel to Bern Empty Zurich to Basel to Bern

Post  peacockg Tue 09 Jul 2024, 4:42 pm

As the route develops to the south of Olten heading towards Bern, some distance further on, 4 tracks run alongside the river.
The centre 2 tracks dip down and curve left into the hillside and start to climb in a tunnel.
Zurich to Basel to Bern Open_r11

The outer 2 tracks come together and follow the river before they also turn to the left and climb up a short side valley. As they approach the top of the valley the other 2 tracks emerge from the tunnel, cross overhead, and disappear into another tunnel.
Zurich to Basel to Bern Open_r12

After turning right the outer tracks meet up with the centre tracks as they emerge from the second tunnel, and they then proceed onward only a short distance apart.
Zurich to Basel to Bern Open_r10

I am glad that there are maps to follow, as I could not have made this scene up.



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