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Steam Heating

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Steam Heating Empty Steam Heating

Post  darwins Thu 28 May 2020, 9:16 pm

Steam heating features have now been updated in OR.

Visual effects can be added to rolling stock and vehicles can be set up to have appropriate steam consumption.

Steam generators can now be added to diesel and electric locomotives. It is also possible to set up steam generator vans such as the "Cocotte-Minute" fourgons-chaudière.
Diesel and electric locomotive boiler water tanks can be replenished from water columns if needed. (For those of you that like class 40s and deltics, refill from water troughs can also be set up!)

In addition to heating for coaching stock, it is also possible to add steam heating for goods wagons such as banana vans.

A description of the features now available is given on the Coals to Newcastle website -[url=][/url]

There is also a demonstration activity here


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