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Statement regarding Brian Bere-Streeter's models

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Statement regarding Brian Bere-Streeter's models Empty Statement regarding Brian Bere-Streeter's models

Post  ShortNorth Tue 14 May 2019, 3:16 am

I have now been building freeware models for certain train simulators for over a decade and a half.

The original MSTS is now around 18 years old, and has not been at retail sale for well over a decade. A group of dedicated simulation enthusiasts created the freeware Open Rails as the logical natural progression to replace MSTS - Open Rails itself has now been available for a decade. At some point one must say "Thank you MSTS, for being a great friend, but it is now time to put you to a well-earned sleep" - and make the change to Open Rails, which will allow you to carry over an enormous range of existing MSTS legacy routes and rolling stock to start off a new era. I reached this point several years ago.

My computer has two totally separate train simulation installations :

1 - a custom MSTS, heavily stripped-down and USED SOLELY for Route Building - nothing else. I have not setup the associated resources to allow testing of any new models running under MSTS.

2 - a highly customised Open Rails, installed as three sub-installations - "LMS', "LMS Pre-group" and "NSWGR". I have well over 20 routes and well over 1000 items of rolling stock installed into these three sub-installations.

When I make new stock, I create a suitable folder, under one of the three sub-installations mentioned above, then I adjust and tweak the model until I am satisfied with its looks and performance when running under Open Rails, only when I am satisfied, will the models be uploaded to public file download areas.

Over the years, I have attempted to maintain MSTS compatibility with my models, but I have now come to the decision that I am no longer willing to spend extra time trying to maintain backwards compatibility with MSTS. All recent and future stock will be tagged as being for Open Rails. When you upload a file to UKTS, you select the category - suitable for MSTS or suitable for OR. I will not select the MSTS category, as this initiates comments and postings, things like "Such and such will not work in MSTS". I am a one-man-band, I do not have the luxury of a team of professional testers, quality controllers and 24/7 trouble-shooting Help Desk personnel.

This is what it means for my future models :

All new models will be tagged "These models have been tested in Open rails ONLY"

ROUTES - ALL my recent and future routes should be 100% compatible with MSTS - after all they are made in MSTS Route Editor. I do not have the time or patience to start learning another route editor software, so for the foreseeable future, my routes will remain MSTS compatible. However, I will use the OR 'include' files to add extra OR features, like working turntables and automatic switch and curve sounds, when installed under OR - this should not affect compatibility under MSTS.

STOCK - All my recent and future stock is made in TSM (Train Sim Modeler), which of course is contemporary with MSTS. Because of this, my stock SHOULD be compatible with MSTS, BUT as I sometimes make shape file components to suit Open rails and sometimes set Open Rails parameters in the physics files, I can NO LONGER GUARANTEE my models to be fully compatible with MSTS.

Even though my future models will be tagged as Open Rails, if you are a die-hard MSTS user, feel free to download any of my models and try them - If they work in MSTS then you have scored a free bonus, if they DON"T WORK in MSTS, then sorry, tough luck - I will not be spending time trying to get them to work in MSTS. I don't have the time or enthusiasm to respond to any requests for help getting my models to run in MSTS - if they work, they work - if they don't, they don't - simple as that.

I trust that you understand why I am taking this stand, to only support Open Rails for future models.

I have placed this statement in both the MSTS and Open Rails forums due to topic overlap.

Regards, Brian Bere-Streeter

"Any railway that paints their locomotives such a magnificent shade of red, must be the most superior in the land" (apologies to the late David Jenkinson).

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