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MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 08 (Mini Routes - Mini Loader)

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MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 08 (Mini Routes - Mini Loader) Empty MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 08 (Mini Routes - Mini Loader)

Post  rufuskins Sun 03 Feb 2013, 8:49 pm

This is the eighth part in a series of posts that are meant to give a simple history of MSTS and point people to the various accessories/links considered vital to maximising the performance of MSTS.

This part looks at Mini Routes that allow separate Train Simulator folders to be created; i.e. the train.exe of the specific Mini Route contains only the folders and files for that route. Also included is a reference to Mini Loader that is equivalent to Train Store in so far as you can use it to select the Mini Route you wish to run. Included are links for additional information and download access:-

Mini Routes

Quoting Mike Simpson:-
“A "mini-route" is a stand-alone version of MSTS in its own folder. However, it just includes the files required for the route in question to function. This reduces the amount of files MSTS needs to use on start up and allows more detailed routes to be built. It should also start up much faster.”

For information on how to set up a Mini Route refer to Steam4me.

It should be noted that these are set up outside of your main Train Simulator folder.

I would point out the need to follow all of step 20(e) in the set up procedure, as the set up procedure does not pick up all aliased files contained within ENG and WAG files. The missing items can be copied and pasted into the relevant folder.

It should strongly be noted that "Mini-routes may also be used where specific elements, which may corrupt a standard MSTS installation, are required to be included for that particular mini-route".

Mini Loader

Mini Loader effectively acts as the equivalent to Train Store but instead for your Mini Routes. Once installed it can be pointed at your Mini Routes folder, where you can select the Mini Route you wish to operate. It will then list the activities contained within the Mini Route and they will all end .off. This means exactly that; the activity is “switched” off, and in order to use it, it needs to be highlighted and the relevant button clicked at which time the ending changes to .act and the run button can be activated.

Mini Loader can be downloaded from Mike Simpson’s rstools site.

It should be noted that the above files can be downloaded from other sources.

When installing and/or amending all or any part of MSTS it is strongly recommended that you create a back-up copy, because even with the best will in the world mistakes can and will happen. There’s many a “simmer” who can testify to that.


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