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Back of the cupboard!

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Back of the cupboard! Empty Back of the cupboard!

Post  john13 Mon 22 Jun 2020, 1:43 pm

Following recent discussion and advice from Ged, Justin and Darwins I thought I'd post an image of the models I was referring to. Not sure if attaching the picture - a rough collage of a few models - will be all that helpful, or whether one can post the image directly? Not done this sort of thing for a while!

The models date back quite some way - the SMR 'Ninian' has been exercised in MSTS ages ago but I need to redo the .eng file as I lost this.
The others are all attempts at Talyllyn stock which I don't think had been made by others. The Baguley was being aimed at TS20xx and is 'truescale' but needs repainting to match the two current liveries in use ( though I'll leave a yellow one around too ). The green lump is a recent attempt at 'Midlander' and only has rough trial texture at present and isn't actually complete. The other two are variants of the motor trolley aka 'Toby'. The blue one was for MSTS a long time ago but I wasn't happy with some of the detail and left it aside ( and forgot about it) The last one is a representation of the original trolley. I actually had a couple of trips on it in its early days as I was staying for the summer with the Jones family at Rhydyronen. Of course, there's now a sparkly new version too, but I've not got round to that yet.

Comments welcome!

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