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Swindon Locomotive Shed

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Swindon Locomotive Shed Empty Swindon Locomotive Shed

Post  RIGFindlay Sat 15 Dec 2018, 11:10 am

In the Timekeeper's Office at Swindon Locomotive Shed there was a very prim and proper lady. A young engine cleaner had to spend some time in the Timekeeper's Office to cover for the regular man, who was away. He soon got to know all the names of the Swindon men, and they would say "Book us on kid" or "Book us off kid", but visiting engine crews obviously had to give their names.
A train from Paddington was crewed by two men from Old Oak Common: Driver Balls and Fireman Hall. Of course they had to book off and, when they came to the timekeeper's window, it was. "Book us off, kid, Balls an 'all." The prim and proper lady was outraged, and it took some time to calm her down and convince her that they were the names of the engine crew and not something else.

From Swindon Engineman, Gordon Shurmer and Mike Fenton. Wild Swan.



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