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Possible routes for LNWR trains

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Possible routes for LNWR trains Empty Possible routes for LNWR trains

Post  Jonathan David Mon 04 Sep 2017, 10:06 pm

It dawned on me the other day while writing an activity for an electric Euston to Glasgow activity that we have two routes which between them cover the whole LNWR main line: Thames-Mersey steam era and North West England v3. Add Black Country and one has Birmingham to Stafford. The only major bit missing is Rugby to Birmingham, which to my knowledge has never been incorporated in a freeware route.
Now this would only be a starting point as both routes would need A LOT of work. Thames-Mersey would need Euston station completely redone, and colour light signalling replaced in the Euston area. North West England would need the catenary masts removing and signalling almost all changed. And both routes have many modern lineside buildings. But all the major stations are there, mostly not needing much work (changing signs and lighting mainly). And I am sure that the track layouts would not be accurate for the pre-Grouping era.
I know it is a real cheek for me to raise this since the most daring thing I have ever done to a route is to change the car spawning! But together they and BC would make a wonderful stage for all the great LNWR stock we are receiving. There would also be plenty of uses for Midland, GWR and LYR stock, even if only the LNWR routes were dealt with, for example Midland at Birmingham NS and Wolverhampton, LYR in several places and even the GWR gets a look in in various places such as Warrington and Chester.
There is also of course a modern image route for the North Wales main line from Chester but that is not strictly freeware.
Add a backdated Glasgow-Carlisle and one has the whole route of the LNWR Scottish expresses, though there is rather a shortage of Caledonian and other Scottish Pre-Grouping stock.

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