Adding Tail Lamps to Trains on Mini Routes

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Adding Tail Lamps to Trains on Mini Routes

Post  andrew moody on Wed 02 Apr 2014, 11:48 am

Hello everyone.
Below is a subject I have just posted on UKTS

"On both SCP and MEP, there are a lot of activitiy's with both passenger and freight trains running with no tail lamp at the rear of the train.
As a professional train guard of 40 years, I see trains without tail lamps as incomplete.
In reality the train would soon be stopped to establish that it had not become divided and for sure, the train guard would have been well and
truely carpeted.
As it is not possible to use ConBuilder on Mini routes, Is there any other way that tail lamps/brakevans can be altered or the Mk1 tailamp added
to the rear of the train.
Andy Moody West Moors Dorset. On the Old Road (Lymington Jn-Broadstone closed 1964)"

Andy Moody (AKA AJ52MDY on the UKTS site) West Moors, Dorset on the "Old Road" closed September 1964

andrew moody

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Re: Adding Tail Lamps to Trains on Mini Routes

Post  slipperman12 on Wed 02 Apr 2014, 1:40 pm

Hi Andy,
If the tail lamp is on an invisible wagon, you can use a Unicode-aware editor (NotePad, ConText, WordPad) to edit the consist file to add the invisible wagon to the end of the consist.  It must, of course, have its own UiD number and the NextWagonUID entry must be increased by 1 - this is found as part of the header details of the consist.

It's possible that adding a vehicle to a consist may cause problems with its placement in an activity, but invisible wagons are, usually, very, very short so shouldn't cause any trouble.

An alternative, I suppose, is to add a Freight Animation to the last vehicle, but that's getting a bit too technical  Shocked 



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