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Welcome home.

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Welcome home. Empty Welcome home.

Post  j3801 Thu 17 Jan 2013, 2:01 pm

First off I'd like to say one thing: I am not racist, I have no problem with anyones religious upbringing,
I don't get involved in polotics (except for making jokes about the faulty ideas).
I don't care who you are or where you've come from. If you are a good, honest, hard working person who tries their best then you have a freind in me.

Hello everyone,

I'd like to welcome you to the Train Sim Safe House Forums.

This forum has been setup due to numerous problems occurring in many other forums, ranging from people trying to unsettle one another to people being over sensitive to any comments being made.
It has been setup to provide a safe place for the wiser people in the Train Sim community to come and talk, share ideas, relax and have fun without fear of harassment from the less mature individuals.

This site is not meant to replace any of the other forums, it is intended to be more of a private club house for those who are tired of being harassed and stressed on the other forums. It is intended to promote a more relaxed and fun atmosphere rather than a hyper sensitive one.

The sections are setup similar to another forum, however the more strict rules that have been put in place on that forum are not implemented here. Nor will the rampant criticism and negativity of another be present here.

On this forum common sense and logic are to be the ruling factors. If you want to say something critical, firstly think how you would feel if someone said that to you. If you would be upset by it or it would trouble you, then re-think what you are going to say.

Criticism of work done by payware producers is to be treated the same way. Remember, none of us do this as a professional job, we do have lives outside of ‘Sim Land’ where we have other responsibilities to attend to.

Also constantly asking when something is going to be released is not going to be tolerated. If the Author has given a set date/time of release (and who would be mad enough to do that) and they fail to deliver, don’t harass them. They will be required to do a “please explain” for the group.

I hope in time that this forum will come alive with its own activity and promote/keep the strong friendships that you have all formed, as well as serving as a knowledge base for the future without the problems of the past.

Now, go on and have some fun,


Welcome home. Sig10

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