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The House Rules

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The House Rules Empty The House Rules

Post  j3801 Thu 17 Jan 2013, 1:14 pm

The Rules are Simple:

1 ) Keep it clean, no slagging each other / payware producers. Very polite criticism is tolerable, but out right put downs is not.

2 ) This is a hobby not a life job, pushing for info on when things are to be released is not on. Things will ready when they are.

3 ) This forum is set up for people who wish to discuss MSTS related issues without major backlash coming from simple words. NO FIGHTING IS PERMITTED.
     Simple debates are welcome, forcing your view on someone isn’t.

4 ) Keep it fun. I have no problems with jokes and games; I am actually fond of it. But keep it family friendly, save the dirty stuff for home.

5 ) If in any doubt, please use common sense. It has never hurt anyone in the past.

6 ) If anyone behaves in a way that other users find offensive or threatening, they will answer to me personally.

7 ) Rail Simulator/RailWorks/RailWorks 2/RailWorks 2012/Train Simulator 2013 and any other names that they can come up with should always be referred to simply as “the  other sim.”  
    This is to prevent users who are at odds with this sim from being offended. Anyone deliberately referring to these sims by name in order to provoke an argument will be removed from this

8 ) No disrespectful comments about UKTS or any other forum will be tolerated. Pure and simple.
     Polite pondering thoughts are permitted, outright XXX forum is bad = Goodbye.

9 ) Please check the legitimacy of any links that you post in this forum. Do not post links to sites that may host  pirated files.

10 ) As we all know “Spamming” is effectively defined as repetitive posting of the same text, or posts designed to potentially annoy others. This also includes posting links to illegal downloads
      (e.g. unauthorized “free” versions of “payware” items).

    Any member responsible for “spamming” will be subject to a nominal ban from the forums, and this may be followed by a period of moderated posting. If the situation is considered to
    be significantly severe then a permanent ban will be applied (for example deliberate or repeated spamming).

    In the event that either of the above is applied the member may appeal within 7 days giving a reasoned explanation for their action.

   The words in italics are defined below:

   Nominal ban: at the discretion of the person imposing the ban based on the severity of the offence and if the person responsible has taken notice of the moderators advice.

   Permanent ban: Deletion of account, blocking of email and IP addresses to prevent return access.

   7 days: 168 hours starting from the exact date and time that user has been issued with the ban. Contact will need to be made by personal emails not by PM’s.”

11) Whilst this forum does not “track” what it’s members do away from the forum, please remember that you are part of a larger community. If you do something that is deemed illegal or immoral within the MSTS community there is a very high chance that everyone will find out. If there are any doubts regarding your behavior, you will be asked to explain yourself, be it by a member of the footplate crew or a member of the forum.

If you are asked to explain your actions, please do so without fuss. After all it may simply be a misunderstanding, and can be sorted out without pain.

IF it does come to light that you have been involved with illegal or immoral conducts within the MSTS community and there is strong evidence to support this, and you knowingly and willing continued in such a manner, then you will receive a lifetime ban from the forum. There will be no appeal option on this decision if there is enough evidence to satisfy the decision maker.

Threatening or bullying the decision maker after the judgement has been passed down will get you no where.

12 ) Based on the consensus of opinion it is felt that in the interest of maximizing the viewable content in the forums, it has been decided that a member’s signature should be limited
      to “one line of standard size text”. This may contain anything that is not offensive or rude; it may also contain/be a small picture no taller than 60 pixels high and not wider than 400

     A template size is provided below:
The House Rules Sigt10

13 ) If you have any problems following the above rules then I suggest you look elsewhere.

This forum is for clean, relaxed fun with our shared hobby.

Now go on and have some fun.

Justin, Alec, Mark, Ben, Andy and Ged

The House Rules Sig10

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