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"Key To The Routes Directory"

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 "Key To The Routes Directory" Empty "Key To The Routes Directory"

Post  Markh5682 Tue 09 Apr 2013, 6:00 am

Welcome to the routes directory

At present we are compiling a comprehensive list of available UK/Irish routes, this is still ongoing and new entries are being added as they are completed.
In the future we may add new route sections for:- Africa, - Asia, - Australia/New Zealand, - Europe/Russia, - North America (USA & Canada), - and for routes that don't fall into any of these categories - Rest of the world.

These route entries are for information only and are not a substitute for the manual or the readme documentation, they are as accurate as we can make them with the information we have to hand, however mistakes can creep in and when identified or pointed out, they are corrected as soon as possible, if you spot an error please PM Alec or Mark and we'll put it right ASAP.

Always read the documentation that comes with the route before you attempt to install it, and remember to ALWAYS back up your MSTS installation before adding any new content.

Some routes come with their own tsection.dat file which was current at the time of the routes release, but may be out of date by now,
please see this Information on what to do and avoid problems with out of date tsection.dat files.


The routes are listed in alphabetical order to make it easier to locate the entries you want.

The format of the entries is as follows:-

Route Name = Title of the route or name of the product.

Picture = Picture from the route, where possible this is the taken from the routes load.ace.

Route Author = The credited route builder(s) or the company that released it

Route Location = The general area of the routes location

Route Mileage = Route length in miles or km where this is known or can be worked out.

Route Era = An approximate date of the routes era where it is stated by the author

Route Source = Links to web sites or pages where the route is available to buy or download.

Additional files required to be installed = links to additional files that need to be already installed on your computer before you install the route, you only need to install these files once and they don't have be installed again for subsequent routes unless otherwise stated.

Please Note: Commercial payware routes and UKTS community CD/DVDs from CD ordering are supplied complete with all the necessary files required to run the route included on the disk, the additional files listed are required for the freeware download version of routes only unless otherwise stated.

Route Description = A general "usually brief" description of the route with notes on the availability of activities and stock where needed. Please see the route documentation for more details.


Any comments/suggestions on this database can be posted on Alecs Proposed MSTS Route Directory Discussion thread, Thanks.


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 "Key To The Routes Directory" Empty Re: "Key To The Routes Directory"

Post  rufuskins Sat 16 Dec 2023, 10:47 am

Please note that following the closure of UKTS in August/September 2023, many of the routes in this directory are no longer available. Mark and I will slowly amend the directory to reflect this, but also revising any links where routes are now available on other sites, in particular TSSH File Hosting.
Further updates will be made as and when relevant.

ALEC - Supporter of MSTS and TSSH!


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