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NSW North Western Route

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NSW North Western Route Empty NSW North Western Route

Post  Jonathan David Mon 02 Apr 2018, 12:11 pm

Following Brian's mention of his Main Illiwarra route I thought I would download it. It is excellent.
So I thought I would look at the North Western Route, of which Brian is also a co-author.
However Norton Anti-virus has taken a strong dislike to the executable file (and to some of the other files on the site including some cabviews) claiming that they carry a virus. Even if I say that I trust the file it still removes it when I download it.
I am posting here because I know Brian watches the site, and I am not sure how to contact him via Steam4Me (a very useful site).
Any suggestions?
I think one problem may be that not many people have downloaded the files and so Norton does not have a big record of hem.
PS Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the site. if it is, can a moderator kindly move it please.

Jonathan David

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NSW North Western Route Empty Re: NSW North Western Route

Post  slipperman12 Mon 02 Apr 2018, 2:10 pm

Hi Jonathan,
I don't use Norton - wouldn't touch it with the proverbial...!!
I use Kaspersky and it doesn't report any problems with the files.

However, there is a problem with Part02 of the 12 - it downloads as Part01. I have compared the two files and they are identical, so I suggest that you only download the .exe and D01 files to get this route. As an aside, parts 03 to 12 download in a minute or less, but part 01/02 takes 2 minutes, although they are the same size!!


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NSW North Western Route Empty Re: NSW North Western Route

Post  ShortNorth Tue 03 Apr 2018, 12:47 am

Hi Jonathan,

That is very strange that the Steam4Me files are 'playing up'. Yuri normally makes them absolutely bullet-proof to avoid any user help requests.

As Ged has identified a problem with one of the 12 part files, can I suggest you use the big main .EXE and .D01 files instead.

In the case of Norton, I agree with Ged - I haven't used Norton for over 10 years, I use AVG instead.

If you have the original Norton disks, can I suggest that you temporarily delete Norton from your system - connect and download the route - and once you've confirmed that the files are OK and install properly - then re-install Norton again. I know its a slight risk if Norton is not protecting your PC, but you are only downloading from Steam4Me, and knowing how anal Yuri is about viruses, I doubt you'd pick up one for this short window without Norton. Anyway, its worth a try.

Note that is this is only Stage 1, there is a LOT of uncompleted sections. These were finished a few years ago as Stage 3, it was TOO BIG to be distributed by internet, and so I supplied it on DVD only - however, when my last PC died, my replacement laptop only has a DVD READER, not a WRITER, so am unable to supply V3 on DVD any more. I did check about supplying it via other sources, but they all wanted to charge money for it, which was against my freeware principles.


PS - forgot to mention that the V3 installed is 3.18 GB, plus any stock required, so is a BIG route.

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NSW North Western Route Empty Re: NSW North Western Route

Post  rufuskins Tue 03 Apr 2018, 9:40 am

My own experience with Norton lends support to the number of downloads or lack of as a factor in whether it did or didn't like a particular file.
I got rid of it for several reasons.
1. It seemed to use an excessive amount of resources.
2. It threw wobblies as described above, and it used to not like UKTS for some reason.
Since changing to Kaspersky I have had very little in the way of wobblies.

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NSW North Western Route Empty Re: NSW North Western Route

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