Irish Enterprise V2, Belfast - Dublin.

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Irish Enterprise V2, Belfast - Dublin. Empty Irish Enterprise V2, Belfast - Dublin.

Post  Markh5682 on Wed 27 Feb 2013, 11:51 pm

Route Name = Irish enterprise V2, Belfast - Dublin. - from Making Tracks

Irish Enterprise V2, Belfast - Dublin. Irishenterprisev2_zps975cfe92

Route Author = Making Tracks.

Route Location = Ireland - Belfast to Dublin.

Route Mileage = Main Line = 120 Miles, Branches = 26 Miles.

Route Era = 1998-1999

Route Source = Part 1 (north) and Part 2 (south) are available from the making tracks shop, also an additional stock and activities expansion pack is available

Additional files required to be installed = Making tracks recommend the use of MSTSBin with all their routes, for some of their routes it is mandatory.

Route Description =
Payware route from Making tracks, part 1 covers the northern half from Belfast to Dundalk, part 2 covers the southern half from Dundalk to Dublin.
Rolling stock and activities are included with the route, the additional stock and acts expansion pack requires both parts to be installed.
This is a modern representation of the entire route between Belfast and Dublin via Dundalk set in the modern era, the majority of the route is diesel operated but some suburban lines around Dublin are electrified, EMU's and activities are provided for the electrified sections.


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