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MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 21 (File Editing)

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MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 21 (File Editing) Empty MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 21 (File Editing)

Post  rufuskins Wed 11 Sep 2013, 4:21 pm

MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 21 (File Editing)

This is the another part in a series of posts that are meant to give a simple history of MSTS, point people to the various links considered vital to maximising the performance of MSTS as well as allowing an understanding of the various components that make up MSTS.

Once we have developed the courage to start amending files in MSTS, it is necessary to actually edit the content.

To do this we need a text editing programme. Files such as those ending .s, .sd, .eng, .wag, .sms and .cvf are written in Unicode, and therefore some text programmes such as MS Word are not suitable. In the absence of any other programme these files can be edited using Notepad.

However when dealing with multiple files certain freeware programmes offer the facility to change lines, etc. in bulk.

My own personal favourite is ConText and can be downloaded from ConText, although due to certain problems has not been developed beyond the version available. Additional help with this can be found at Steam4me.

When generating/editing amended files for my FG DMU project it has been invaluable.

However other free editors can be found on the internet at editpadlite, freeeditor and notepad-plus-plus.

I have not actually used these and therefore cannot comment on their effectiveness or ease of usability.

When I started my FG DMU project one of the biggest “problems” was renaming folders, especially where it involved a similar name for multiple files. Therefore when I came across this utility it was welcomed with open arms. It’s a bulkrenameutility programme, and I would strongly recommend it.

When installing and/or amending all or any part of MSTS it is strongly recommended that you create a back-up copy, because even with the best will in the world mistakes can and will happen. There’s many a “simmer” who can testify to that.

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