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FGDMUs - Part 4 - Class 116 sets

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FGDMUs - Part 4 - Class 116 sets Empty FGDMUs - Part 4 - Class 116 sets

Post  rufuskins Tue 27 Aug 2013, 11:04 am

First Generation Diesel Multiple Units - Part 4

Basic Facts for TOPS Class 116

This is Part 4 of an occasional series of basic facts for my uploaded FG DMU repaints for MSTS.

This part covers the Class 116 sets, that can be found here uploaded by Rufuskins. The make-up of the sets is defined in the uploaded Consists, and these represent the typical formations of 3 car sets comprising DMBS+TS+DMS, and DMBS+TC+DMS. It should of course be pointed out that no formation was ever “cast in tablets of stone”! The original sets did not have gangways, but these were added later.

The Class 116s were introduced in 1957 and went into service in the West Midlands and Wales, remaining there until withdrawal in the '80s. However during their lifetime the Class was transferred to all regions except the Southern.

In June 1957 they started working local and suburban services, as well as occasional longer services to Worcester and Oxford, from Birmingham where they were based at Tyseley. In late 1957/early 1958 they were allocated to Newport for east and west valley services, and Cardiff for their valley services. They were also used for Bristol suburban services and also worked in the London area on suburban due to stock shortages. In the 1970s sets were transferred to the Scottish Region at Hamilton, and the Eastern Region at Stratford where they worked services out of Liverpool Street.

In the 1970s some cars were converted for parcels use, running with GUVs sandwiched between power cars. They were later put back to passenger use, but in the 1980s cars were again designated for parcels use. When the Class was used for parcels use they were generally referred to as Class 130s – they are the subject of separate uploads.

The Class 116s started in unlined BR Green before the addition of whiskers, followed by BR Green with small yellow panels. When painted in BR Blue they had the small yellow panels before the application of full yellow panels. Class 116s were included in the refurbishment project and had the BR White with blue stripe livery. Due to cleaning difficulties the livery changed to BR Blue and Grey. In their later days a number of sets lost their centre car and received Network South East livery. They were also taken into departmental use as Route Learning Units.

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