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MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 02 (MSTS Installation)

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MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 02 (MSTS Installation) Empty MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links - Part 02 (MSTS Installation)

Post  rufuskins Wed 30 Jan 2013, 8:51 am

In the first post I referred to the change in operation systems for MS Windows, and this has required slightly different installation methods, and a useful method for installing to either Windows XP or Windows 7 can be found here.
Clive Heard (Casperdog) has detailed his own variation on this, and it is shown below:-

“This is a basic description of how he re-installed MSTS onto W7 and the programs/utilities he found necessary:
Each stage lists the order of installation.
1. Install Tweak UAC – available from here and other sites. It is not obligatory but helps in W7 to suppress UAC prompts.
2. Install MSTS from legal discs in a folder outside of the Programmes folder – see Steam4me tutorial link above
3. Install Train Update1, Tools Update, TS Unpack Fix, Class 50 and SD 40 updates – for links see Steam4Me tutorial
4. Delete the start up “mpeg”. He considers that this is very important as it appears to affect the keyboard operation in W7 for some reason
5. Run MSTS to ensure the base sim is working correctly
1. Verify that Java (32 bit) is installed. Java can be found here.
2. Clive wanted to install Route Riter(RR) which in turn requires Java to be installed. A copy of RR can be found here. (This is RR’s developer Mike Simpson’s own site. Additional RR help can also be found here.)
3. Run RR to make sure there are no problems. (It is recommended that each stage is checked as the install progresses.)
1. Install MSTSBin using the download from the MSTS Bin site including any Update patch.
2. Run MSTS and verify that MSTSBin is working. Pressing F5 3 times to get the extended HUD usually proves it is functioning correctly.
1. Install New Roads – see Steam4me tutorial above for link to download
2. Install UK Fine Scale – see Steam4me tutorial above for link to download
3. Install X Tracks – see Steam4me tutorial above for link to download
4. Install UKTS Platform Kits - 4 downloads from UKTS (ref nos. to be added later)
5. Install UKTS Enhanced sounds - 3 or 4 downloads (details to be added later)
6. Install TsectionUK42 – download from UKTS or

At this point MSTS should be able to run any route, and using RR, activities/routes can be checked. From this point on, further utilities depend on user preferences.

Clive has another 5 stages (related to the myriad of utility downloads) that he needs to go through to enable him to use the Route Editor and Activity Editor. Clive also uses Train Sim Modeller. (If a guide to his method of installation is required, then let him know by PM.)

As an aside Clive points out that his UKTS premium membership is intermittent, so tends to use either the publisher’s own site; e.g. RR and MSTSBin, or train.sim at this link , as it has a reasonable download speed, and no queue.”

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