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OR Physics for Electric Multiple Units

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OR Physics for Electric Multiple Units Empty OR Physics for Electric Multiple Units

Post  darwins Fri 06 Dec 2019, 2:13 pm

I have finally decided it is time to upload the replacement eng and wag files for British Electric Multiple Units.
The file is available for download from UKTrainSim.

As stated it is very much a testing version and still a work in progress, so feedback and suggestions welcome.

Please feel free to recycle these with your own adjustments, improvements and variations.

There are two areas where a lot of work is still needed, but I have rather less skill than with the physics.

(1) Adjusting "z" in both Size ( x y z ) and CentreOfGravity ( x y z ) to make sure that all vehicles couple buffer to buffer or with the correct coupling distance.

(2) Adding lights as appropriate - headlights, tail lights, marker lights, door lights, pantograph flashes and collector shoe flashes.

Both of the above would be easier for the original modellers (or persons looking after the models) to do.

Some thoughts for anyone planning future models of electric (or other) multiple unit trains:

(1) Make all models of driving motor cars and driving trailers forward facing. This makes things much easier for getting cabs and lights correct, then you can just flip them when you make the consists.

(2) All driving vehicles (powered or unpowered) should be Engine rather than Wagon. This is the best way to make them work correctly in OpenRails at the moment. OpenRails does not otherwise support driving trailers, cab cars or push pull vehicles. The eng files must have full details of brakes and controls, but can be totally unpowered. The only problem seems to be that OpenRails Log will give you an error because of NumWheels ( 0 ) in the engine section, because there are no powered wheels.

(3) All motor vehicles (driving and non-driving) should be Engine rather than Wagon. Non-driving motor cars do not require cab or driving controls. Cars that do not have dynamic braking do not require details of the braking system in the engine section. Cars with dynamic braking must include full details of the brake system in the eng file.

There is also some scope for some sound engineering if anyone wants to have a go. For most of the twentieth century electric multiple unit trains used a system of automatic acceleration switched by current sensitive relays.
Current as such does not yet exist in OpenRails, but tractive effort is proportional to current so it is possible to fake automatic acceleration by making the "notch" change at whatever speed the tractive effort reaches a certain value. I have speeds for this are then put into the eng file as a pair of values 0.01 m/s apart. So anywhere that a pair of numbers appears like:

1.15 44377
1.16 60526

...then you could in theory add a relay click to the sound file - only problem is how to make them correspond to a particular controller setting!

It may be easier to add the "pop" for the blow out coils when the power controller is returned to 'OFF'.

Whilst it is a reasonably good fake for opening the throttle, OpenRails simply does the reverse when you close the throttle.


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