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Making Tracks class 66 re-release?

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Making Tracks class 66 re-release? Empty Making Tracks class 66 re-release?

Post  stlsf4003 Sat 10 Aug 2019, 11:30 pm

Given the news that dropped last month about the status of the MT files, I was wondering if there was a chance that their class 66 models were included in the donation?


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Making Tracks class 66 re-release? Empty Re: Making Tracks class 66 re-release?

Post  slipperman12 Sun 11 Aug 2019, 1:30 pm

Hi stlsf4003,
I'll leave Justin to give you a definitive answer, but, based on the files he's passed to me (I'm 'helping' with some of the models!), the only Class 66s which could be made available without too much work are the basepack versions (in a plain grey livery) and the one which was released with the Greater Eastern route, in Medite livery.

However, if the basepack can be sorted out, all except the Advenza livery have been available for a long time from the UKTS library.  Last year, I was given permission to upload all the free livery and add-on packs, and, as it was the only one missing, I uploaded the Advenza livery add-on as file ID 38104.  The other liveries are available as follows :
A. Fastline - File ID 19307
B. Freightliner v1 - File ID 19312
C. EWS - File ID 19313
D. DB Schenker - file ID 21209
E. Freightliner v2 - file ID 21218


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