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Superelevation...without the superelevation.

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Superelevation...without the superelevation. Empty Superelevation...without the superelevation.

Post  33lima Thu 18 Jan 2018, 7:31 pm

Ah now, where was I? Oh yes, the prologue!

One of the rather many things that pleased me upon discovering Open Rails was that it has an option for superelvation - in the 'Experimental' tab, but very functional. This enabled that feature to be applied without having to apply any edits to the route. Up the setting from 0 (none) to 5, select of not from a couple of other options, and there it is, next session - seen here in MidEast UK:

Superelevation...without the superelevation. Open_Rails_2017_10_25_08_16_46

I was somewhat disappointed to find it created one or both of two problems. In some routes (eg DB-LSC, MT-LSE), with DC third rails, it made the 3rd rail disappear in some places, evidently those sections of track that were superelevated. In other routes (MT-LSE, MT-GE) it replaced some track sections what what looked like stock MSTS track, in place of UKFS I think. This, despite working fine in Ballyshannon and Irish Enterprise North, which use X-Tracks instead of stock.

Apparently the fix is to have a dedicated track profile for the track type, but the one for Scottish Coast Express's UKFS track doesn't seem to fix LSE's 3rd rail disappearance and I can find nothing which does, or which works with LSC. Creating a track profile for myself is well beyond my (current or anytime soon) level of knowledge.

The proverbial other day, I acquired TS20xx's London to Brighton Route, as a standalone, as I enjoy this route a lot, travelled it to and from Gatwick for the first time in a long while last summer, and was keen to see it in an additional sim. Which I have now done, and very nice it is too, even on my old PC and despite the tile loading stutter that seems to affect people with much more modern systems and reminds me of MSTS with dense routes, before I discovered Open Rails.

I think superelevation was a relatively recent addition to TS20xx - my copy of its progenitor, Train Simulator, doesn't have it. It's there in this route, whether from the get-go or because being Steam, it updates your installation to the latest core files (TS2018) - I think. The superelevation was nice to see on the route...

Superelevation...without the superelevation. 20180108201911_1

..although there is at least one curve, somewhere south of East Croydon, where the superelevation is not only absent, the cant, though very slight, is in the wrong direction ie outwards.

Anyhow knowing that OR supports tilting trains, and seeing that this is applied simply by naming a (new) consist XXX_tilted.con - ie no file edits needed - I thought I'd give that a try. And it works!

Superelevation...without the superelevation. Open_Rails_2018_01_17_08_26_57

Of course and as you can see, it's tilting, not superlevation, and especially on a vehicle with a valence, you can see the difference in angle between sleepers and vehicle body. This isn't especially visible unless you look for it and are not looking exactly head-on from the external view. When on the move, I find the immersion-reducing angle difference is quite invisible from the cab view and not much so, from the outside. I don't have the ability to vary things like you can do for true superelevation in OR, like the track length it kicks in for, and angle - I would say the tilt is somewhere between the 1 and 2 settings, at the low end. However, I find the effect quite pleasing and if that persists, I think I will start applying it to other consists I use regularly, on routes I cannot apply superelevation to, without triggering the aforementioned problems!

PS I have not gone any further with this as it looks bad at high speeds, where the angular difference, in the external view, between vehicle and sleepers is highly visible.


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Superelevation...without the superelevation. Empty Re: Superelevation...without the superelevation.

Post  cjakeman Wed 28 Mar 2018, 8:28 pm

The superelevation we have in Open Rails is a trick. Neat, but still a trick !

One day Open Rails will have track which can bend and twist like real track, so we can build routes with genuine superelevation, transition curves and spiral climbs. I look forward to it.


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