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I might have to go the darkside...

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I might have to go the darkside... Empty I might have to go the darkside...

Post  glasgowworks Wed 27 Dec 2017, 12:01 pm

Hi Folks

Unfortunately my old Desktop computer died last night and so I had to replace with my other desktop computer (this is supposed to be the fastest computer, but performance is quite poor! Or is it?). One or two of my work-in-progress were perished (but one of my reskins i did in the past few days was thankfully saved in the pen drive before it happened - i'll upload it today before long).

So GlasgowWorks might have to be on the dark side in accordance with my parents. Yes, we all have to put up with parents at some point in our lives, especially with dads! Thankfully my dad acknowledged about the death of my computer and it will probably be disposed of soon along with my dead laptop which happened back in June.

So this year, 2017, has been a very difficult year for GlasgowWorks. Just have to hope 2018 be a better year, although I plan to retire creating MSTS content at some point during 2018 and learn to repaint stock for TS20xx.

Alistair Cowell


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