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MSTSbin_rv.cvf Maker not working - Solved!

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MSTSbin_rv.cvf Maker not working - Solved! Empty MSTSbin_rv.cvf Maker not working - Solved!

Post  slipperman12 Sun 27 Aug 2017, 8:23 pm

Hi all,
Has anybody tried using this utility (UKTS_15358) recently?
I can't get it to work under Windows 7 now - I'm sure it used to!  It requires Net Framework 2, but it's not possible to install this into Win 7; I understand it is included in v3.5.1, which is supplied with Win 7, but the utility doesn't seem to recognise it.

I seem to remember coming up against this problem some time ago, but can't recall the solution - can anyone help, please?

I suppose I could always write a new version Smile  Anyone know if the author (Kev Roberts) is still around?


Update :  The program available on UKTS is v1.3.  I looked around the 'net and found v1.2 here : .  Believe it, or not, this version works correctly under Win 7 and Win 10, so, problem solved!!

Update 2 : There is no real problem!! I found v1.3 on and that worked without any problem. There is absolutely no difference between the two 1.3 versions. The cause of my troubles?? I had the .exe file in the UKTS version set to "Run as administrator" - removing that setting resulted in the program working correctly!!

I'll not delete this post, just in case someone else comes up against the same "problem". I've changed the title appropriately.

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