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You just never know . . . .

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You just never know . . . . Empty You just never know . . . .

Post  rufuskins Wed 13 Apr 2016, 4:12 pm

This morning I kicked Norton into touch and installed Kaspersky as my Internet Security utility. It also bundled "O&O DiskImage 9 Professional" with it as a freebie. Kaspersky installed with the minimum of effort and appears to be doing what it should.
The other programme is some form of backup utility, which I attempted to install and which it appeared to do. It then asked for a restart which I agreed to. It whirred and whirred and suddenly there was a brief glimpse of a BSOD and a message saying "Windows can't start" and did I want to repair! At this stage I looked for a pair of bicycle clips as the subsequent progress seemed to be going nowhere and it said it couldn't repair itself and promptly turned off! I was now thinking that a second set of bicycle clips might be required and SWMBO was less than impressed with the colour of the air - very blue I can tell you!!!!
Anyway I tried turning it on again and the same message came up but this time offered to initiate a system restore which I gladly accepted and the latest one was a few minutes before the install of the referenced programme. Thankfully the computer appears to be now behaving itself and I have deleted the potentially offending programme, based on the idea that the problem was software related rather than hardware related.
As I say you just never know what might happen when you install a programme, even one that appears to be OK as it's offered with an Internet Security utility.

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