14th Anniversary for MSTS this year (July 2015)!

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14th Anniversary for MSTS this year (July 2015)!

Post  rufuskins on Tue 20 Jan 2015, 7:07 pm

It's difficult to imagine that 2015 will see the 14th anniversary of MSTS in July, and for those who are interested this is often referred to as the Ivory Anniversary in US wedding terms! What ever one might think of it's age and "interesting" coding it has given many wonderful years of enjoyment - even if sometimes it can be perverse.

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Re: 14th Anniversary for MSTS this year (July 2015)!

Post  StephenRWells on Tue 20 Jan 2015, 9:13 pm

Hi All,

It says something for MSTS that it is still going fairly strong after all these years. Yes, it can be very annoying when things don't work as they should but equally rewarding when you've overcome a particular problem. I still enjoy running MSTS, trying the new routes that still being produced, running the old favourites and will continue to make more activities later this year once my current project of creating Dusk and Night versions of Kenji Kimura's superb cabviews is complete. I do believe that OR is the future as it will eventually overcome all the shortcomings of MSTS.
In the meantime I raise my glass to MSTS now, and an even bigger one in July. Long may she continue!!



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Re: 14th Anniversary for MSTS this year (July 2015)!

Post  35005CP on Tue 20 Jan 2015, 10:35 pm

Hi all,
Hard to believe the Sim is going strong still and more good news that OR are revamping the ole girl! Very Happy
It goes to show that MSTS is still alive and kicking with the amount of downloads available on UKTS throughout December and January.... 1 of them being mine of course.... But might be sometime unless I can get this Desiro done?? As I am working on the Midhants Route and plenty of buildings to do.... Currently trying to resolve an issue at Ropley at the moment.

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Re: 14th Anniversary for MSTS this year (July 2015)!

Post  bigant on Thu 05 Feb 2015, 3:54 pm

I'll echo the sentiments above, its surprising how many things have been done to the old sim in all that time


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Re: 14th Anniversary for MSTS this year (July 2015)!

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