Current situation with Windows 7 OS

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Current situation with Windows 7 OS

Post  rufuskins on Thu 15 Jan 2015, 10:43 pm

On the Windows 7 front I note that "mainstream" support has now ended - 13 January 2015! The following is taken from an on-line article:-

"However once mainstream support ends, there will be no more service packs. Microsoft won't redesign the environment or add new features. Without a special extended agreement, you won't get patches for bugs that don't result in a security threat.

But if you like Windows 7, you probably don't really need new service packs, and you certainly don't want a redesigned user interface. As long as Microsoft patches vulnerabilities that could become security risks, Windows 7 remains a safe operating system.

Microsoft doesn't plan to stop fixing security problems in Windows 7 until extended support ends. That's January 14, 2020--five years and a day from the end of mainstream support.

My understanding is that "mainstream support" essentially means that no more Windows 7 licences will be issued to retailers, etc.

NOTE: This is a post I made elsewhere and moved to avoid going off piste!

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