"Thingbuilder" and "Scenariobuilder" programmes

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"Thingbuilder" and "Scenariobuilder" programmes Empty "Thingbuilder" and "Scenariobuilder" programmes

Post  rufuskins on Thu 13 Nov 2014, 4:06 pm

In the latest issue of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society Magazine (No 261) there's an interesting article that addresses the above. The introduction talks about computer based train simulators being around for some time, but dependent upon highly skilled 3D modellers and hence costly! It would appear that the contributor may not be aware of those in the simulation community who generously provide us with freeware, or of course he may be referring to the "other sim".
These programmes are being developed by Edge Hill University, and are being used to create a 3D model of the LYR in 1907. Apparently "Thingbuilder" - used to create items of stock, etc. - is not based on the use of primitives that TSM, etc. use. "Scenariobuilder" appears to be the equivalent of MSTS's activity editor. The programmes are being developed to be usable with a short learning curve, and as such relevant to schools.
The synopsis above does not cover all of the article, and I've posted these few comments mainly to show that train simulation exists outside of those simulators that we all know of. In addition perhaps these alternative programmes might stimulate interest in train simulation within the younger generation.

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