I Know I've read it somewhere but !

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I Know I've read it somewhere but !

Post  neanderthal on Sun 20 Oct 2013, 12:43 pm

I know I read on here or UKTS  somewhere about altering the Uninstall in MSTS from just plain Uninstall to MSTS_Uninstall owing to issues about early games sometimes uninstalling the complete Sim when all you want to get rid of is one bought route.I think LSE may well be one of these and I actually want to install it now (I'm sure you can guess why ?) but am worried about how to get it off again.As I remember the last time I used it I tried to use its own uninstaller found within the MSTS folder and that it did take  the lot off.
So having put MSTS_ in front can I now do it the way I've said above-or has anyone an idea of how to find the said post ! Ta What a Face


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Re: I Know I've read it somewhere but !

Post  rufuskins on Sun 20 Oct 2013, 2:17 pm

You have indeed, but I suspect it was in the Steam4me installation guide here.
It's about half way down!

However if you are only talking about removing a route once installed, then it's a simple case of highlighting the specific route in the ROUTES folder and hitting delete. However I would suggest that after highlighting you click on CUT and paste it into a back-up area such as an external HD. Then if or when you want to use it again then you merely copy it from the storage location and paste it back into the ROUTES folder.

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