A topic from UKTS that may be of interest

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A topic from UKTS that may be of interest Empty A topic from UKTS that may be of interest

Post  rufuskins on Wed 16 Oct 2013, 10:39 am

I came across this post on UKTS, which in my opinion is worth a read:-


It confirms my own belief that there is much that is still "new" with reference to MSTS. I suspect that we can all agree with Niall about all that "stuff" that resides in our HDs - I certainly can. I merely think of TSSH's route directory and wonder how many users can claim to have used ALL of the routes listed?

Whilst we may all have our favourites, the chance to see how the other half live; i.e. the chance to virtually experience rail travel across the pond, down under, the Orient, Africa or closer to home across the Channel, must surely appeal to us all!

Why not tell us about your virtual experiences?

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