Mideast UK 2.0 Steam Era

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Mideast UK 2.0 Steam Era

Post  rufuskins on Mon 12 Aug 2013, 11:05 am

Route Name = Mideast UK 2.0 Steam Era

Route Author = Dick Denyer (dikkidee)

Route Location = ECML to Retford, Lincolnshire and N. Midlands

Route Mileage = TBA

Route Era =  1950s to early1960s

Route Source = from UKTS downloading at UKTrainSim. Please note that UKTS file 25649 is not related to this route, but is used for the other Mid East variation called “Lincoln and District 70s”. This will be the subject of a separate entry.

Additional files required to be installed =

Route Description =
An MSTS Route available to download as noted above.

Note: Mideast UK 2.0 Steam Era uses the same route folder name as Tim Court’s original MidEast; i.e. UK1.
If you wish to retain a copy of the original route then it is recommended that either a copy of the route is made, or the original UK1 folder can be renamed to TC_UK1 say.
One of the utilities in Route Riter can be used to make copies of routes.

An additional file is available from UKTS. This is from Martin Phillips (docmartin) and reskins all relevant objects in the route into BR Eastern Region blue.

“This is a steam era version of the original Mid East route set in the period between the late 1950's and early 1960's.
It runs between London Kings Cross in the south through to Retford in the north along the East Coast main line.
Rural Lincolnshire and the Fens lie to the east, whilst to the west is the North Midlands coal field.
All the mechanical signalling and signal boxes are back in place and the signalling is authentic to Absolute, Permissive and Track circuit block regulations.
Extra scenery has been put in place including steam sheds and their paraphernalia including interactive coal supplies and water towers. No turntables have been included, but interactive water towers have been placed in sidings and on station platforms in their original positions so you should never have to run out of fuel or water!”

Activities are also available from UKTS, as can a myriad of relevant stock.

This route shows what can be done with an existing route, and it is a good example of changing a route from one era to another. It should also encourage others to look at incomplete routes and see whether they could complete them.

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