Missing Consist Files

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Missing Consist Files

Post  35005CP on Wed 03 Apr 2013, 2:04 pm

Hi all,
Having just reinstalled my Routes I have found the following Consist Files are missing having checked them with Route Riter. Is anyone able to help me in finding the location of these anywhere please?;

Rescue AI 1.con called by C:\MSTS\Routes\LSE\SERVICES\Rescue AI 1.srv is missing from your Consists folder

48773 Maroons.con called by C:\MSTS\Routes\severn_valley1\route\SERVICES\ITR North.srv is missing from your Consists folder

AI 80079 BC.con called by C:\MSTS\Routes\severn_valley1\route\SERVICES\ITR South 2.srv is missing from your Consists folder

AI Western Mixed.con called by C:\MSTS\Routes\severn_valley1\route\SERVICES\ITR South 3.srv is missing from your Consists folder

Many Thanks


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Re: Missing Consist Files

Post  slipperman12 on Wed 03 Apr 2013, 3:51 pm

Hi Andy,
I have just run SVR through Route Riter and didn't get any errors reported! Looking at the itr.act and srv files it does expect these consists, but they are missing from the CONSISTS folder. However, if you look in the Route folder (severn_valley1), the second folder is called consists - in there you'll find two of those missing consists plus one other.
On the other hand, the ITR runs quite OK without those consists!


Hi Ged,
Thanks for the reply. However I have looked in the Severn_Valley1 route folder and there isn't a consists folder in there. If it isn't a major problem. I shall try and ignore it and see how I get on. any idea with the LSE missing Consist?


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