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Post  rufuskins on Sun 24 Mar 2013, 12:08 pm

Route Name = Ashburton V2

Ashburton V2 Ashbur10

Route Author = Reg Furniss (Refman)

Route Location = South Devon, UK.

Route Mileage = 9 miles

Route Era =

Route Source = This route can be purchased from UKTS CD Ordering at UKTrainSim. It comes as part of a compendium of routes under the title of GWR Branchlines with Looe and Lydbrook. It is complete with relevant stock and a number of activities.
The route can also be downloaded from UKTS.

Additional files required to be installed = none

Route Description =
An MSTS route available to download or purchase as a CD as noted above, and additional activities and relevant stock can be downloaded from UKTrainSim.

“The branch line from Totnes to Ashburton in South Devon (England) was opened in 1872 and is about 9 miles in length.
It was taken over by the Great Western Railway in 1878 and ran under steam until its closure in 1962.
The line from Buckfastleigh to Totnes is still run today under the control of the South Devon Railway, but the line to Ashburton was lost with the building of the A38 Trunk road.

(Personal thoughts from Justin)
This is a wonderful representation of the Totnes to Ashburton branch line in South Devon, and is ideally suited for anyone who wants to recreate the days of a local branch line service.
Departing from the mainline terminus at Totnes the line runs alongside the east banks of a river, with its first station of Staverton (2 miles from Totnes), located not far from the banks of the river. From Staverton, the line continues to follow the river heading NNW till just outside Buckfastleigh where the line crosses the river to be on the west banks for Buckfastleigh station and yard (6 miles from Totnes). North of Buckfastleigh the line again crosses the river and follows a valley heading through rural country side till the final destination of Ashburton.

A video for this route can be found here.”

(This post was put together by Justin with a small input from Alec.)

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Ashburton V2 Empty Re: Ashburton V2

Post  35005CP on Wed 04 Sep 2013, 12:48 pm

As a side-note, I have noticed that to Unpack the files you will need UKTS file ID: 17226 (Ashburton V2 - Name Patch File) if downloading V2 of the Route. These files need to be unzipped into the routes\Ashburton directory. If prompted to Overwrite, select Yes.

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