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Route Geometry Extractor

Post  35005CP on Thu 21 Mar 2013, 10:26 pm

Hi all,
Now I have pretty much got my Laptop and particularly the MSTS Installaion where I want it; I want to have a go at trying to recreate the Midhants Railway (watercressline for MSTS)
Question is I have seen many tutorials, but when I try using Route Geometry Extractor and zooming on in the region where the Midhants Railway is, it seems to go above the region, because the sea I would imagine is showing on it??
I've attempted this in the past so any help/advice etc, really would be much appreciated.
I am on the long road now to getting my 2nd Activity near to completion, but I think it is is time I tried my hand at building my favourite line and giving something else/better back to the community.
Many Thanks

Best Wishes

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Re: Route Geometry Extractor

Post  tonyhap on Thu 21 Mar 2013, 11:03 pm

(Move this to Route Building / Navvies?)

Could you show us a labelled screenshot to illustrate your problem?

For me I just set up a few tiles to start with. I use my markers to lay a few pieces of track. This will confirm that I am in the right area, whatever the extractor looks like.



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Re: Route Geometry Extractor

Post  Markh5682 on Thu 21 Mar 2013, 11:11 pm

Moved Very Happy


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Re: Route Geometry Extractor

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