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Blackpool Tramway inc Illuminations Empty Blackpool Tramway inc Illuminations

Post  Markh5682 on Mon 18 Mar 2013, 10:09 pm

Route Name =Blackpool Tramway inc Illuminations

Blackpool Tramway inc Illuminations Blackpool_zpsccb7a083

Route Author = Original route by Vern Moorehouse, Illuminations rebuild by Geoff Holt.

Route Location = NW England

Route Mileage = 11.1 Miles

Route Era = Modern

Route Source = Both Versions on one CD from UKTrainSim CD Ordering (current cost is £4.80 which includes one month’s premium UKTS membership), the Illuminations version is also available from UKTS Blackpool Illuminations in the download library.

Additional files required to be installed = None

Route Description =
The blackpool tramway available in two versions, both versions are available on one CD with stock and activites included, the illuminations version is also available as a download with activities and a list of the required stock included.

The original route patched up Version: 1.3 is a representation of the Blackpool tramway from Fleetwood in the north to Starr gate just south of the pleasure beach, just over 11 miles in distance and is highly detailed throughout.

The illuminations route has been completely rebuilt, apart from the original trackwork and general layout of the route. This version, is based on Vern Moorehouse's Original Blackpool Tramway (TSUK_FYLDE) Version 1.0 and NOT the later Versions 1.1 or 1.3.
All Pleasure Beach objects have been completely repositioned, to suit the purpose of this version and although similar to
Version 1.3, other items have been added, including the Blackpool Monorail and one or two other recent additions.

There are new buildings along parts of the route, such as The Casino, Mc Donalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Doughnut Bar,
Tussaudes Waxworks, and Coral Island. The Tower has been moved further towards the front of it's building, which improves
the view of it.


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