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Post  Markh5682 on Mon 18 Mar 2013, 6:38 pm

Route Name = Crich Tramway

Crich Tramway Crich_zps487eb05c

Route Author = Doug Kightley

Route Location = Derbyshire

Route Mileage = 0.8 miles

Route Era = Modern

Route Source = UKTS file 15829 also from UKTrainSim CD Ordering (current cost is £4.80 which includes one month’s premium UKTS membership)

Additional files required to be installed (download version only) = X Tracks .

Route Description =
Download or CD route for MSTS, CD version comes with trams and activities and all the required files needed to run the route.

This route is a near-to-life interpretation of the Crich Tramway Museum, and is
dedicated to all of the volunteers of all ages who selflessly give up many hours of
their time to help out in many ways with the maintenance and running of the tram fleet
and the tramway infrastructure so that thousands of visitors can enjoy the atmosphere
of a bygone age.

Nestling high up in the heart of Derbyshire overlooking the famous Derwent Valley and
open almost throughout the year, Crich Tramway Village is a lovingly created period
village that is also home to the National Tramway Museum and its world renowned archives.

Activities available for this route UKTS file 16014 see the file listing for the stock required for these activities

The CD version of this route is available on the "MSTS: Manchester Metrolink and Crich Tramway" CD, See the separate listing for Manchester Metrolink.


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