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Post  rufuskins on Sun 17 Mar 2013, 11:51 am

Route Name = Highworth Branch

Highworth Branch Highwo10

Route Author = Paul Gausden, Robin Howell, Mark Ollard and Martin Soilleux-Cardwell

Route Location = South West England

Route Mileage = 5.5 miles

Route Era = 1916 to 1926 but can be used up to 1965

Route Source = from UKTS downloading here

Additional files required to be installed = XTracks

Route Description =
An MSTS Route supplied as a series of downloads - see above.

Era specific stock and activities are available from UKTS, here

“The route comprises the GWR single track branch that ran from Swindon to the small country town of Highworth in north Wiltshire. The branch is 5 ½ miles in length with 4 stations. There are two industrial facilities off the branch, one to the Vickers Aircraft Factory at Long Marston which is ¼ mile long and ends at a small factory facility, and the second industry is a large military ammunition plant near the GWR main line at Stratton. The GWR main line is only represented where it was used by branch trains into Swindon, plus about 1 mile in each direction out of Swindon for the purpose of ‘running in’ and ‘running out’ AI services. Swindon locomotive depot, works, gasworks, PW yard and many storage sidings and goods facilities are depicted which gives huge scope for shunting-based activities.

The route has approximately 50 to 60 activities encompassing the whole life story of the branch from construction in the 1880s to abandonment in 1965. The main focus of the activities is just prior to and during WW1 and the 1920s when the branch was at its busiest.

Type of activities include: local passenger, workmen’s trains, mixed trains, local freight, construction trains, inspection trains, military trains, special trains and shunting of various types.”

{As an aside I have set up three (3) separate mini routes - one for each era.}

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