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Post  Markh5682 on Sat 16 Mar 2013, 1:00 am

Route Name = 3irty 5ive

3irty 5ive 3irty5ive_zps1e44eed3

Route Author = James Blackadar

Route Location = Fictional UK

Route Mileage = 2km X 2km on one tile

Route Era = Not specified

Route Source = UKTS File 6258

Additional files required to be installed = None

Route Description =
A small freight only route on one tile for MSTS

The route is fictional and leans more torwards the model railway than reality. The railway is suposed to be fun-I hope it is. The route fits on one tile and has four and a half yards- plus a passing loop and siding. The scenery is not entirely finished but it may never be. That said it should provide entertaining short goods trip workings and shunting.

This line is a fictional representation of the less glamourous side of the railway-goods facilites and traffic. This line carries Goods Traffic Only and serves four yards, Rain Street Sidings, Bank Street Yard, The Walton Wye, and the largest yard Beyer Bridge Goods.
A small coal colliery generates some traffic as well. Of course the line is part of a much larger rail network and so connects to the yards at Else and Somewhere.

The route does not come with any stock, one activity UKTS File 6257 is available that uses default UK stock.


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