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Post  Markh5682 on Mon 11 Mar 2013, 1:07 pm

Route Name = Hill Village

Hill Village Hillvillage1_zps8e21dde2

Route Author = Munir ul-Haq

Route Location = Fictional/fantasy (suitable for "UK/AU/NZ/IR(Darjeeling)" X2 scale NG stock)

Route Mileage = Approx. 30 miles

Route Era = Any - not specified

Route Source = UKTrainSim - Hill village in the File Library

Additional files required to be installed = X Tracks

Route Description =
X2 scale narrow gauge route for MSTS

A fictional Narrow Gauge route by Munir ul-Haq created as a tribute to the wonderful people involved in the Train Simulation community. A very beautiful route to run your Narrow Gauge trains on!

Track is standard sized with narrow gauge texture, so use the scaled up versions of the stock, not the true-scale versions. Suitable stock available from the UKTrainSim File Library and elsewhere.


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