Anyone here using either ReShade or SweetFX with Open Rails?

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Anyone here using either ReShade or SweetFX with Open Rails?

Post  33lima on Tue 05 Dec 2017, 9:04 pm

On Elvas Tower, here...'s reported that someone has ReShade running in OR Monogame. I've never been a fan of these HDR/ENB graphics tools in other sims and some of the screenshots or videos showing Reshade in use in OR, Monogame or XNA, are not to my taste. I quite like this effect, though...

...which if the online translation of 'Umgebungsshelligkeit' is right, was achieved by setting Ambient [Daylight] Brightness in the OR video settings to 75%, the minimum - which I as it happens I have recently done, before realising this video was an example! And I think the slightly darker look is preferable. As seen here:

I would still fancy giving Reshade a try on OR:MG eg to increase contrast. But when I unzip the Reshade files into OR:MG, - remembering to set it during setup as 'DX10+' - I cannot run the sim. The OR menu screen loads as usual but when I hit start, it disappears for a second or two as it about to load the Activity, then rhe menu screen re-appears, No Activity from any Route seems to want to load. If I ununstall Reshade by deleting all its files and its 'Shaders' subfolder, OR:MG is back to working normally again.

I then tried SweetFX. This will not prevent OR:MG from running, but changing settings produces no visible change whatever.

As far as I can work out, I'm installing both Reshade and SweetFX correctly. I was just wondering if anyone here had any luck, before I pop the question over at Elvas Tower.

I haven't tried either product with stock OR (XNA) as despite the occasional odd shadow MonoGame is so much smoother; the few extra FPS make a significant difference for me.


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