PO wagons in the Forest of Dean

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PO wagons in the Forest of Dean

Post  Jonathan David on Wed 17 Aug 2016, 9:40 am

As mentioned in my post in the New Members thread, I have created numerous private owner wagons by scanning photos from books, taking them into Gimp to square them up using the perpective and other tweaks, croppoing them and then overlaying them on existing PO wagon texture files. It works best for wagons without end doors as the sides are identical. For those with end doors I am afraid I cheat and crop the bit of the image with the corner plate off the non-end-door end of the image and tack it on the other end after flipping it., and doing the same with a the bit of the image with the end door hinge from the end door end. (clear as mud?)
Anyway, as I did the first ones for the Lydbrook route, a favourite of mine as I have cycled through the Forest a few times, here are a few examples. The colour was added by hand where needed, but almost all the image is straight from the photo, usually from the Ian Pope book on FoD PO wagons but also from others among my fairly comprehensive selection of books on PO wagons.
I usually use the same base wagon file for the same type of wagon - ie 16 ft 7 plank etc, so the underframes may not be perfect for the prototype. In particular, I suspect that some of the wagons should have brakes only one side.
In addition to the LNWR wagons I relettered, I did a few for the Rhymney using the V16 and O18 models already available, to represent the wagons built for the Rhymney just before the Grouping. This was easy as the Rhymney livery was almost the same as that of the GWR. But I must redo the V16 van now that one is available with proper Dean Churchward brakes.

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Re: PO wagons in the Forest of Dean

Post  rufuskins on Wed 17 Aug 2016, 8:26 pm

An interesting set of screenshots, and I'm always pleased to see fellow simmers looking at alternative repaints.

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