Giving up the ghost

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Giving up the ghost

Post  andrew moody on Thu 21 Jul 2016, 4:32 pm

Hello everyone.
It looks as if my computer is about to give up on me.
It runs very slow, Now will load any Cd s or DVDs and amongst other problems 1MSTS now after loading an activity via Train Store then reverts back to desktop.

I fear that I will have to either have serious modifications (New Processor?) or a new computer.

My question is That (I guess it will have to be this Windows 10) How does W10 react to MSTS? I know that several folks have had major problems.

I am currently running W7 Home edition, I know that my graphics card is an Navidia either GT9400 or 9400GT, Sorry the info on startup flashes up for about 2 seconds, and I do not know where to locate any other computer specifications.

Any help or advice greatfully received. (Have also posted on UKTS



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Re: Giving up the ghost

Post  Markh5682 on Thu 21 Jul 2016, 5:56 pm

Hi Andy.

I upgraded from a very slow running and unreliable W7 to W10,  the upgrade was relatively painless, and after re-setting a few defaults etc. it runs perfectly and quickly again, MSTS runs perfectly on it, I have an NVIDIA graphics card so no need to fix anything, other cards can be troublesome with MSTS (hence the problems some people had) but there are now fixes available for that.

Since the upgrade my PC has been running like a new computer, on the old windows 7 it was slow and unreliable, just refreshing a web page caused my browser to become unresponsive for a few minutes, I'm glad I upgraded when I did.

I would say go for it before the free upgrade option runs out on the 29th July (next week).


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Re: Giving up the ghost

Post  slipperman12 on Thu 21 Jul 2016, 9:37 pm

Hi Andy,
If your PC really is falling apart, an upgrade to Win 10 won't help!  

I suggest you run a check first to see if it can run Win 10 - see this site :

Note that your problems are very unlikely to be due to the processor, unless it is running very hot and keeps throttling down to reduce its temperature.  There are a couple of very useful (free!) utilities - SpeedFan ( ) and CPU-Z ( ).  The first shows temperatures in various parts of the motherboard and indicates whether they are within range or not.  The other shows the speed at which the processor is running which should match its published specifications, but if it's consistently lower than that, it could be a sign that it's overheating.

There is also a utility called HWMonitor which combines the displays of the two mentioned above -

Don't forget that, if these problems have only just started happening, it could be due to the unusually hot weather we've been having, particularly if air-flow through your PC's case is restricted - fans not working, or with a lot of dust on them.

If your PC is running an NVIDIA 9400GT then it's almost certainly not possible to just upgrade the processor, due to the age of the motherboard.

Finally, for now (!), do other programs exhibit similar problems to MSTS?  If not, then I think a complete re-install of MSTS might be the answer!



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Re: Giving up the ghost

Post  35005CP on Fri 22 Jul 2016, 10:31 am

Hi Andy,

To add to the other guys useful advice, Have you done a Virus and Malware Scan and have you run any Cleanup Utilities to try and improve the speed of the machine?

Also, it might be worth transferring/Backing up any data off your PC to an External Hard Drive. Also it might be wise to check on what programs are running on startup as this may also be affecting the speed of the machine.

Hope all this useful advice is off help?

Also, you have only got another 7 days to get the free upgrade to Windows 10, but it is worth noting that there is no reason why you can't stay on the ever reliable Windows 7. Very Happy OK



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Re: Giving up the ghost

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