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Camera Angles

Post  RIGFindlay on Mon 27 Jun 2016, 3:57 pm

I made the following modifications to camcfg.dat (found in the Global folder) after making a backup copy.

camera ( CamTypeFrontTracking
CamType ( CamTypeFrontTracking CamControlTethered )

CameraOffset ( -3.5 2.5 -18.0 )

Fov ( 60 )
ZClip ( 0.5 )
WagonNum ( 0 )
    Description (Tracking_Cam_1)

camera ( CamTypeRearTracking
CamType ( CamTypeRearTracking CamControlTethered )

CameraOffset ( -3.5 2.5 -20.0 )

Fov ( 60 )
ZClip ( 0.5 )
WagonNum ( -1 )
 Description (Tracking_Cam_2)

These alterations put you on the platform just behind the locomotive (2) or just behind the rear of the train (3), useful when you want to know that you have stopped in the right place. Further small adjustments can be made to get things where you want them. For example in CamTypeFrontTracking the removal of the minus sign in front of the 18.0 would put you ahead of the locomotive, looking back at it.

The CameraOffset values are as follows:
The first is the distance sideways from the locomotive or train.
The second is the height above rail level.
The third is the distance lengthways from the locomotive (CamTypeFrontTracking) or the end of the train (CamTypeRearTracking).

In the 4 view I have used the following
camera ( CamTypeSpotter
    CamType ( CamTypeSpotter CamControlFull )
but how else can this view be improved?

It is very noticeable that between Uckfield and Buxted on London and South East there are no overhead, or 'bridge views', as they are sometimes called. How was this achieved?

I hope some people will find this useful?

Roderic F.


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