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East Coast Express Parts 1 to 4 - EB Empty East Coast Express Parts 1 to 4 - EB

Post  rufuskins on Fri 01 Mar 2013, 7:09 pm

Route Name = East Coast Express (parts 1-4)

East Coast Express Parts 1 to 4 - EB Ecml1410

Route Author = EuropeanBahn

Route Location = East Coast Main Line

Route Mileage = 192 miles (Kings Cross to York mainline), Hertford loop 24 miles, Leeds Loop 56 miles.

Route Era = late 1990’s to 2005 (late Inter City to the end of GNER).

Route Source = from UKTrainSim CD ordering (cost includes one month’s premium UKTS membership), also at First Class Simulations; and other online retailers.

Additional files required to be installed = 6 patches= Patch 1 is on the First Class Simulations website, patch 2 is a replacement ace file and is on UKTS, patch 3 is a scenery patch with minor route fixes and is on the First Class Simulations website, patch 4 is a major update for the route and also adds some rolling stock and is located on UKTS, patch 5 which fixes signalling issues at Grantham and patch 6 which fixes activity 2 from ECE part 2 (this is included only on the newer versions of the ECE part 4 CD) .

Recommended installation procedure = Route Part 1 (King’s Cross – Peterborough), Patch 1 (EastCoastExpressPart1_Update1.exe), Route Part 2 (Peterborough – York), Patch 2 (eb_ece2_ka_platform_signs.ace), Patch 3 (ece2_1.2.exe), Route Part 3 (Leed’s Loop), Patch 4 (LeedsLoopUpdate.exe), Patch 5 (ECE_Grantham_Patch.zip), Route Part 4 (Hertford Loop), Patch 6 (EastCoastExpressPart2Activity5Update.exe).

Route Description =
An MSTS Route on a total of four CDs coming complete with a number of activities and the relevant stock to run those activities.
This route is the EuropeanBahn version of the East Coast Mainline running from London’s Kings Cross station to York with the two main deviations of the Hertford Loop and the Leeds Loop.
Set in the then current period of operations of GNER and NSE with the ability to also run Inter City liveried trains this route has proven to be a long standing route.
Included with each of the parts is the necessary rolling stock and activities to keep you going. If you are ever after more activities for this route UKTS is always a great source.
A special rolling stock pack was created for this route (as well as for use on other routes) called the Locomotives and Activities Collection.

(This post was put together by Justin with a small input from Alec.)

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