Europe 1 - Settle to Carlisle

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Europe 1 - Settle to Carlisle Empty Europe 1 - Settle to Carlisle

Post  Markh5682 on Fri 01 Mar 2013, 11:32 am

Route Name = Europe 1 - Settle to Carlisle

Europe 1 - Settle to Carlisle SampC-Default_zpsa37073a7

Route Author = Microsoft/Kuju

Route Location = Northern England, transpennine.

Route Mileage = 72 miles

Route Era = 1930

Route Source = Default.

Additional files required to be installed = None

Route Description =
Default route that comes supplied with MSTS complete with stock and activities.
Built in the 1870s to provide a faster route for the growing Midland Railway Company's traffic between England and Scotland, the Settle & Carlisle Railway ('the S&C') is considered the most dramatic train line in England. The line travels through the Yorkshire Dales National Park and into the Pennine Chain, skirting the Lake District National Park to the west.
Although this route has largely been superceeded by other later versions, there are still lots of stock and activities available for it, some commercial stock packs also come with activities to run on the default S&C.
Extra stock and activities are also available from the MSTS Page


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