Observations/Anomalies in ShapeViewer and Polymaster

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Observations/Anomalies in ShapeViewer and Polymaster

Post  rufuskins on Wed 03 Feb 2016, 9:47 am

After my recent experience with the misnaming scandal I'd like to mention a couple of points that have come to the surface. They both relate to to what one sees - or not!

1. ShapeViewer (SV) and MSTS don't treat wheel rotation - and presumably other motions/rotations - the same! When you use the "Animation" button in SV the wheels rotate whether you've named them in accordance with TSM's part list or not! The wheels only rotate in MSTS if you've named them correctly! Hence checking that rotation works in MSTS needs trial runs in the actual simulator itself and just because a wheel rotates in SV then . . . . .

2. When using Polymaster to carry out Level of Detail (LOD) creation as well as "welding" together "points" and "normals" there is a significant increase in the S file size!

Any comments would be of interest?

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