THe 3 single bolster problem.

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THe 3 single bolster problem.

Post  ianmacmillan on Sun 25 Oct 2015, 11:33 am

The 3 single bolster problem.

Single bolster wagons were used in pairs to carry a load between them. The bolsters were made to swivel to let the wagons negotiate curves.

Where the load was too long for 2 wagons a third wagon was inserted between them. This had the bolster removed or the outer bolsters packed up to clear the load.

The two bolster wagon can be modeled in MSTS by defining the wagons as bogies with the two bolsters as Main and the load as a freight animation.
A four wagon version can be built with 2 twin wagons with the load as an invisible wagon between them and invisible bogies.

The problem comes with modeling the 3 wagon set.

The load can not be attached to the centre wagon as it would swing out on the outer bolsters.

The centre wagon cannot be built with invisible bogies as it's wheels would not turn and it would leave the rails on curves.

I conclude that the 3 wagon set cannot be modelled in MSTS.



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Re: THe 3 single bolster problem.

Post  ShortNorth on Mon 26 Oct 2015, 1:02 am

Hi Ian,

Now I see what you mean - your diagram shows it clearly.

For my NSWGR special wagons I had an EVEN number of bogies, where the load with dummy bogies straddled the centre of the set - with an ODD number of bogies that method doesn't work.


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Re: THe 3 single bolster problem.

Post  rufuskins on Mon 26 Oct 2015, 7:39 am

Thanks for that Ian, as it shows me how to model a particular wagon in my LYR wagon workshop; i.e. a Diagram 41 that was used to carry boilers in the 1910s.

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Re: THe 3 single bolster problem.

Post  35005CP on Mon 26 Oct 2015, 12:10 pm

Hi Everyone,

Could you not have 2 Pivots on top of the wagons that pivot to the direction of the track?



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Re: THe 3 single bolster problem.

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